Our engineering design tradition began in 1960 as a family metalworking business.
In 1965, the first hydraulic press was built for our own use in the assembly workshop,
as one of the few motor-driven presses in the Central Anatolian region.
To this day, the trust in the TOMRUK press brand has proven its reliability and stability for customers.
In 2005, TENERAL-Istanbul was founded as a provider of NC controls and automation.
TENERAL Technologie GmbH was founded in 2016 in Stadtilm,
as an independent construction company of TENERAL-Istanbul.
We offer solutions in the field of control and forming technology.
Our systems are developed internally and the production process is controlled and monitored mainly at TOMRUK Pressen-Istanbul and, depending on size and capacity, at other partners.
Our focus is therefore on development, construction, planning and operational support.
This gives us the opportunity to be with the customer more often and directly and to respond fully to their needs.
From our location in the green heart of Germany, we maintain a direct line to our customers in the European economic area
with extensive service in the following areas

Bauvorhaben : Montagehalle
in Stadtilm-Thüringen

Um Ihnen unsere Produkte noch besser präsentieren zu können und gleichzeitig die Test und Vorabnahme Phasen der Pressenfertigung nach Deutschland zu verlagern, wurde knapp 7.000 m² Grundstück in Stadtilm D-98326 erworben und mit der Planung einer 2000 m² Produktions und Ausstellungshalle begonnen.

Im „Labor der Umformtechnik“ sollen unterschiedlich ausgerüstete hydraulische und mechanische Pressen Versuchsprojekte und Produktionsaufgaben  übernehmen.